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Returning to VR6 ownership after 15 years!

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Well, after such a long break from owning a VR6 (L942EPL - still out there somewhere!), and a succession of Mk2's, 3's and 4's I'm back with one! An early 3 door 1994 car that I'd known about for a while, I'm just going through recommissioning it and detailing it too, it's now road legal for the first time in just over 5 years. Still plenty to do, although this one hasn't got any trace of rot at all, and only 62k from new!


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So, the repair list on the Vr gets longer, have you ever seen the contents of a master cylinder like this heh heh, I never have in 36 years of working on my own cars and also in industry. It only came to light when trying to bleed up after replacing the front discs, pads, calipers and carriers, and wouldn't pressure bleed up from the master, ABS module or calipers. After bleeding up the 2 person way, pedal and nipple, found the front brakes binding and wouldn't release fully. These cylinders obsoleted in 2010, there's no direct replacement or seal / repair kit to sort - if you go by chassis number you get a 20.64mm inner dia (wrong, should be 23.8mm) cylinder with the mounting holes and ports in the wrong places. Newer Audi A3 looks similar, but no crossover comparisons, so it would be a buy and measure / see! I'm waiting for a selection of 23.8mm repair kits for other cylinders to rock up to see if anything fits. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, you can't see the contents of the master reservoir because of the standpipe / filter neck thingy, but it looks like the contamination is water - so either topped up with water, or leaked in from the cap / seal (pressure washing the engine bay?), or drawn in from elsewhere, ABS module and returned to the reservior?



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