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P1151 code and white smoke on idle

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Hi, i just recently bought a 2002 vw jetta vr6 24v with 123,000 miles on it. Car runs good and sounds healthy but just here recently ive been throwing a P1151 code. I have a vaccumn line that was busted but i cant seem to find the other end. In the bently manual it says the line is supposed to plug into the cylinder head but i just cant seem to find it. I am also having an issue of when starting the car it just sounds like its running rougher than when i bought it. Small amounts of white smoke are coming from the exhaust and boy does it smell rich. Im new to working on these vw's so i am just trying to figure this out myself instead of taking it to a shop and paying an arm and a leg. 

Please let me know of anything. Thank you

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