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Hello just joined.. Just bought a V6 4 motion

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Hi  I'm Bachee.or Chris

I have just bought my second v6 4 motion.2 owners FSH, 81K on the clock

I was very happy until I've found out its been messed with while I was waiting to pick it up.

What's behind the centre dash please as it looks like its been messed with recently?

The drivers heated seat does not work but I'm sure it did on test drive.

Also im killing fuel at just a stupid figure at the moment to the point its very expensive to drive, and im nit booting it either, I have owned a v6 before but this is just silly.

I also own a Porsche 968 3.0 and have had many 6 cylinder Mercedes  so I'm used to fast cars and using petrol up but a 28pounds for 40 mile is a bit much tbh.

Regards Chris 


I will post some pic soon. 

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Hi- I’ve just bought one too, a few weeks now, & it’s been my daily driver, I’d guess that I’m doing 26/30 mpg so I’d say I’d seriously look into that 40 mile £20 round trip!

in fact I put £20 in on Sunday & I’ll go check in a mo now my fuel light has literally just come on & I’ll see how many miles £20 got me.

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