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Is there anybody out there?

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There's a lot less interaction on the forums nowadays, not just this one - is everyone just facetubin' it nowadays or does that mean the mods have covered all technical Q's now?   Just wondering what's changed in recent years?
I noticed that myself in the other forum. It started when the app wasn't supported no more. People struggle to access with tapatalk, i personal don't like it nether.
+ we a dying species
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It’s a shame people don’t use the forums as much as they used to. This was a great centre of knowledge for the VR6. I think people still check back every now and then but don’t post as much. I’ve Met some great fellow VR6 enthusiasts on here. Some great rolling road meetings at stealth have been organised on here is the past also. 

I can’t stand tapatalk, just doesn’t seem to work and is horrible to use, that with the fact people don’t use websites to chat anymore it’s all app based may not be helping. 

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Hello, there is someone still using this forum. Im a old user from 6 years ago. Still have the same car which will be going for a MOT for the first time in 6/7 years. First trip boosted. Will be interesting. May have to get a tow hook and a bag off tools ready 😂. Im sure once its on the road ill be posting again with odd faults only my car has developed. I must say tho in the last 5/6 years VR6’s are few and far between. Hardly ever see one on the road now.

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1988 I started out in VAG tuning, internet wasn't even invented back then! 


2008 was when I signed up here on a last profile, 2011 this one, there were a few years of lurking before then! What got me into VR's was a black mk2 12v on the cover of either PVW or Golf+ - was before the 1.8T came out so that long ago!





Amazing to see how far the aftermarket scene has come and the level of tech info available compared to the 90's! The old skool stuff like mk1-3 are getting a bit thin on the ground now like you say, you couldn't give that stuff away back in the day!

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I've been a lurker for years and have sifted through some excellent material on a variety of subjects.

They say the ol' 80/20 rule applies to a lot of things in nature, in this case, online forums.

20% of the people post content and 80% are scooping it up.

Much of the content here in this forum is GOLDEN and it spans for many crucial years (applicable to many of our cars that are still proving themselves on the road).


It is a learning curve with every forum to effectively navigate (but if there is good, applicable content, they will come).

The strength of VR6OC.com is that it is VAST and DEEP in terms of subject matter and content.


One question I've always wondered about is "with new tires, do old cars go faster?".

Meaning, some of the tire recommendations for our older vehicles, whist perhaps on-point at the time, are probably now obsolete.

Maybe we could start a thread of parts to swap out in our cars, replacing them with better ones for this day and age.

I'd bet that tires have given our cars a huge advantage over the years or a disadvantage if we are not using the proper silica compounds 'for the times'.


Took the VR6 out for a stretch earlier today.

Such a wonderful drive, reminded of why we drive what we do.

Who else can say they own a vehicle that enables you to play an instrument and drive at the same time?

MMMM,, RAAA, MMMM, RAAA.... ha ha!!!



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