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Hi all.

Don't know i am belong here. I have seen lots of golf's , do it have to be a golf ?

Anyway live in the Doncaster area but i am German,

I got a 2.8 24 V code AXK eurovan. I will have some questions about engine and possible gearbox.

I am in a t4 forum, they is lots of help about t4's and they are a super nice bunch of guys,

Unfortunately most vans are diesel or smaller petrol engines,

I put a few pics from the van on.

Thank's in advance everyone OOO_1093.jpg20200111_095040.jpgScreenshot_20200111-094612_Photos.jpg20200111_094955.jpg

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No, all are welcome, just generally kept to VR related subjects. I'm sure lot's of people can help with anything, lot's of technical Q's already covered in many threads over the years if you have a search 1st.

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