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VR6 Misfire / Running on less cylinders

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So recently ive had an issue with my 94 vr6 running on less cylinders or misfiring (not sure which) when the engine is cold or up until 90 degrees celcius.

It will run perfect once it reaches temp but until then it will constatly run rough (as described above) with small times where it quickly runs nice but then goes rough again.

I changed leads, plugs and coilpack which made it run great for 2 days with no issues but its doing the same thing again now and im stumped, it just makes no sense, what could it be??


Very desperate, need help asap as car is for work and dont want it to get worse.

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I think I had a similar problem. I unplugged my airflow meter plug, if it runs fine without plug attached then its more than likely airflow meter. It worked for me, hope you come right.

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