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Pistons required?

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Hi All

I am new here and looking forward to many years to come !!

I have a MK3 VR6 2.8 having covered 140,000 miles.

I have just landed a replacement engine, with the intention of a strip and full rebuild, camshafts, timing chain, oil pump, crankshaft shells, flywheel and clutch (I think that covers the engine)

I have been looking at Schrick camshafts.

I have just spent the night in the garage and the engine is now in bits except the pistons and crankshaft.

When I removed the head 3 of the bores are full of water (the engine had been left outside with 3 spark plugs removed)

So I now require 6 pistons but after a quick hunt I can not see any for sale in the UK??!! Can anyone help please, I think I will need at least +.05 or +1.0

So any ideas on where I can purchase the pistons from? 

I am based in Nuneaton with several good engineering companies around here that can, skim, pressure test the head, remove and grind the valves in and fit ne valve stem oil seals.

They can also check the crankshaft, shells etc

So I need 6 pistons for them to bore the block to??


Thanks in andvance


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Hi all, 

An update:


Cylinder stripped, cleaned, new guides, seats and seals looking nice

Set of Mahle 1mm oversize pistons

Block in for rebore

Crankshaft in for a check and polish (when returned I will then order a set of shells)

Other parts siting ready to go:

Complete gasket set and seals


Complete chain kit and tensioners

Water pump

Oil pump


As the build progresses I will add photos

Thanks all

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