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My 2003 GTI killed itself a couple weeks back while leaving a stop sign, no noise, no smoke, the car shut off like somebody had turned the key but all my accessories worked. Tried jumping the battery but no dice, pulled the spark plugs to find they were coated in oil, uh oh. Got it back to my shop and pulled the valve cover off to see the gasket and orings were totally shot. Cue full replacement along with intake manifold gasket. Reassemble, tried to start now that the engine wasn't hydrolocked, but nothing, starter solenoid clicked like it was a dead battery, so tested the voltage, had a whopping 11.32v terminal to terminal. Put new battery in, and now the starter solenoid isn't even clicking. Turn the key... Nothing. Accessories all power up but the solenoid does nothing, i am hearing a whine from the throttle body while attempting to start. Can anybody give me some direction?

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