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Clutch return spring

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Looking at fitting a clutch return spring to my 1993 vr6 as it didn't have one on when I bought it. Had the slave cylinder replaced as pedal was on the floor. Clutch now works but does not spring back to the correct position. I have ordered the spring but feel I need a plastic clip that sits in the slot on the bulkhead. Any ideas what this part is called or a link to where I can find one, cheers.

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If that is the part you have bought there is no more parts to it.

Looks same as the one i had to refit on my mk4 1.8t after the pedal broke. Quite tricky to get lined up, the white end goes onto the pedal and the grey part rests in a recess on the pedal box.

Upside down with head looking up from the pedals is the only way in. I cable tied mine to create some space, but in the end it was a combination of fingers and a screwdriver pushing down on it that got it seated.

Probably some luck too, was a pain in the backside and neck

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