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Firstly apologies as this is not related to a VR6 engine its a golf mk6 2.0 tdi dsg. 


Having a issue with temperature, takes almost forever to warm up temp gauge doesnt move after a 30 min drive at 50mph at times on a longer run it goes up but the outside air seems to cool it dwn so it drops down significantly. Spent an hour today monitoring the ECT via a diagnostic tool hooked to the diagnostics port. Car was mainly stationary while conducting the test with the odd few round the block drives. 


10 mins after cold start engine coolant temp is 38.8degrees via OBD 

Temp gauge still flat
Heater luke warm


15 mins ECT 47deg

Temp gauge still flat
Heater little warmer


20 min ECT 52.2D
Temp gauge at second line 
Heater warm


30 min ECT 57.7D
Temp gauge quarter mark
Heater warmer


40 min ECT 63.3
Temp gauge 2 quarters moved
Heater fairly hot


45 min ECT 70D
Temp gauge 1 notch from 90
Heater hot 


51 min ECT 75D
Temp gauge 90
Heater hot


Blasting heater for a minute temp gauge dropped ECT on OBD dropped too but slowly increases when heaters off.


issue is this car has 2 thermostats one is the inline thermostat housed under the air box and the other is buried deep and is a pig of a job!


does this above readings show any issue with the thermostat or possibly temp sensor?


Top Rad pipe is warm and lower is cool about 5/10 mins after a cold start, too pipe does get hotter than the lower one.


just trying to figure it out before throwing money at it in the mean time the VR will be my daily lol.

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