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Cluster issues please help

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Good day guys i have a jetta vr6 obd2 my cluster is not working properly i checked 3 different clusters still the same issue what haooens is when i put my ignition on everything reads temp and everything the minute i start uo everything dies only the back light and indicators work and the handbrake light i have changed the ignition block problem still persists

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It sounds like it isn't the cluster!


What do you mean be "everything dies" the minute you start?

Does the engine run normally? Is it just the display that doesn't work when the engine is running?


The lights and illumination are separate to the engine instrumentation.


If you search t'internet for a PDF named g3vr6ecu95on.pdf, you should find a 10 page PDF describing the OBD2 engine wiring for the Golf3/Vento.

The cluster is depicted on the last two pages.

You could mark up the lamps that are working on the diagram and trace the wires to find something common to all when the engine is running.


There is a lot of information to absorb, so take your time, understand what the diagram is illustrating and be methodical.


Don't forget we are supposed to enjoy tinkering with these beasts!!

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So after much fiddling around the motor i decided to strip everything removed all covers and checked my wires in detail to find a earth wire loose seemed as if i never tightned the bolt properly as i replaced my old engine recently shes up and running now 100 percent thanks alot for the advice

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