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Advice on mk4 vr6 engine into a mk3

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Hi guys just wondering if anyone has any pointers on putting a mk4 24v engine in a mk3 vr6 i have the mk4 engine ready with ecu loom and key and was running fine prior to removal,just after any advise and problems i may come up against while carrying out the swap thankyou

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There should be plenty of info in terms of parts/hybrid/hardware etc on a quick search, been years since I've done conversions myself, but for example;



Main thing is the sheer differences between the mk3 and 4 set ups in terms of the old Motronic 2/3 v's the ME7.1.1. - quick list off the top of my head; obvious wiring and coding out of bits like airbags, cluster, SAI etc depending on what you use/how you go about it, 02A 5 spped box v's 02M 6 speed, then there's the mk4 being fly-by-wire so you'll need pedal box as you've not got the cable of the mk3 if using the mk4 ecu and obviously need to use the mk4 TB to suit, wb02 and cats etc, depends on how many parts you use and who can do the coding really, quite a few differences in that respect.

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