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novice from Spain

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hello, I introduce myself, my name is Paco and I'm from Spain, I'm a great lover of vr6 engines, I'm a mechanic and I've always liked this engine for how good it is, how durable they are and the sound they have, I have two vr6 at home, one is the ford galaxy v6 4x4 (system syncro) 174cv guide x mk1 (automatic 4 speed) and a seat alhambra v6 4x4 (haldex system) 204cv stylance mk2 (manual 6-speed), the latter (the seat alhambra) I have attached an engine of a vw golf r32 mk5 250cv, little by little I'm doing things but now the thing is a little stop since I'm restoring the two and not always for both, I'll give you some more photos of cars, greetings

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Thank you dogma for your comment, well you do what you can ....... here in Spain I have many friends who have this engine and are delighted with its performance and how well it is, I have friends who have the following cars.

fabian passat vr6 174cv B3

jose golf 3 vr6 syncro 190cv

antonio vw transporter t4 vr6 140cv

manolo vw transporter t5 3,2 v6 4x4 250cv

maria vw vento vr6 174cv

and there was a guy that I know who crashed a vw bora v6 4motion 204cv, as you can see here is very popular, soon I will post some pictures of my cars, thanks

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