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Hi guys. Finally got the golf running after rebuilding the engine and having trouble starting the car. It will start on the second/third turn of the key. Worked out the fuel pump isn’t priming and not to sure if it is running after start up. Checked voltages at the relay and I’m only getting 2-3 volts to switch the relay!!! If I link out the terminals for the pump the pump will run. So I’m pretty sure the pump and wireing is sound. 


Does anyone one know what voltage I should have to switch the fuel pump relay???? And where does this come from???? 

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The A2 resource site is your friend:

The fuel pump relay is in the fuse box housing position 12 - bottom right.
The fuel pump is between pins M/01 (0v) and M/02 (switched 12v via Fuse 18).
The ECU activates the fuel pump by making pin 6 on the ECU low. This energises the fuel pump relay passing 12v to the fuel pump.


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