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The Aim Indeed

Wanted : Good Condition Golf VR6

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Hello All.


I owned a 4 door Mullberry Highline some 12 years ago and had to sell it because life got in the way. Its the only car iv'e ever regretted selling and always said i would own one again.....So here goes


I'm looking for a Highline  preferably but i'm not closed off to later models without wheel arch trim. What i would prefer is as follows:


3 Door

No rust



Good Service History

Lower miles the better (but if its been looked after then not so much of a priority)

Would rather have  a standard car but don't mind mild mods ie: Wheels ( not bigger than 17's ),Suspension,Filter,Exhaust but nothing with body mods or colour changes.


I'm not looking for any projects or cars with issues.


Im 42 years old and a serious buyer and would rather spend the right money on the right car if its a good one.


Thanks for reading and hopefully someone out there has the gem i'm looking for.


Please send any pics and specs to [email protected]


Many thanks.

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