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bought a caged MK4......

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I have just bought a mk4 Golf with a 10.0 roll cage which used to have a 3L 12v VRT with a little over 600hp, I have bought it without an engine or box and my initial thought was to put a 1.8t in it (as I already have a mk2 golf 1.8t that has gone 10.4 and have loads of spares) but i also have a 2.9 ABV 12v sat in my workshop (and a 170 v5 ) so i am thinking of using my old ecu off my racecar (megasquirt ms2 after i upgraded my racecar to ms3x) and fitting a spare HY35 turbo I have off my racecar, running lowish boost on the stock block with E85, have any of you guys had any experience with deka 870cc injectors in the 12v manifold? 

turbo manifold is one thing i need to buy the mk4 has had the scuttle cut previously so clearance shouldn't be much of an issue, any ones to avoid currently thinking of the cheap cast T3/4 manifolds

from ebay I already have a wastegate. 


I plan on using a r32 engine side mount (already fitted after running a tap down the threads) and a V5 box i have sat here, it probably wont be road legal for the moment so it will probably just get a 3" exhaust without a cat or silencer.


I am planning on running lowish boost to get me running VWPRO times (VWDRC.com) which is sub 13 second quarter mile times, so any advice is welcome.






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Quick update, had the car running with a 2.9 12v VR on a OBD2 ECU and took it racing at bugjam a couple of weeks ago. it was a stock engine with nitrous (80 shot) with a straight 2.25" exhaust out of the bumper and it went a best of 13.0 @100mph (with luke Stevenson driving....13.4 was my best) unfortunately just after a burnout it dropped onto 5 cylinders, i think i have burnt an exhaust valve as it is chuffing in the exhaust.  it was a rush to get it done but i managed it with a little help, i noticed that the subframe bushes need replacing as do the engine mounts, i will have a play this winter and see how it goes. 


Dave the plan is for a drag car that i can use on track days if i want but will see how winter goes.


here are a couple of pics 






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