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24v 2.8 BDE coldstart misfire

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Car is a 2002 2.8 vr6 golf 24v 4motion, I've had slight misfire since i bought the car a few months ago, its more apparent on cold start at 1100-1300rpms. the water pump failed and headgasket went a while back so i've replaced those and put a head spacer plate after reconditioning the head (head was also pressure tested ok). But it still has the misfire, 3 coils are new and are on 2,4 and 6, spark plugs are also new. I took plugs out today to see how they looked after a few hundred miles and found this... looks like 2,4 and 6 are more sooty than 1,3 and 5. what could cause this? clearly its running a little rich on those or its not getting as much air, filter is pipercross and been cleaned. do i have fuel rail / regulator issue?

Can't work it out!!


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