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RVR006 MK3 VR6 3 Door Build AUS

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Hey guys


Great to see so many VR6 crazed posts, I was reluctant to post, but if no one contributes then the forum is very boring.


I am building this as a weekend / spare run around car, as such it is not show quality just a neat road car.


For those fortunate enough to be in Europe and UK you were lucky to have got all the good models, but as typically happens in Australia we get sent the crap and poverty packs, as such we did not get any 3 Door VR6 Mk3 Golf's, only 4 door.


I was fortunate to come across this unfinished project in my home town, the basics were done but there was a ton of work that needed to be done and a lot of work that was done needed to be pulled out and started again.


Given the Golf's are really only just starting to get enthusiast ground swell now, finding people who know anything about them in Australia can be hard to find, as such I simply rolled up my sleeves and got into this and have learnt as I have gone.


the biggest issue with the car when I bought it was the electrical system, the guy I bought it off, whilst very helpful and an all round great guy, was not clear in his recollection of what had or had not been done on the car and the further I dug the more uncompleted jobs I found.


So the only real option was to strip it down and start again, I had tried many times and used scan tools, changed computers, wiring everything, but could not get the car to bring up dash lights or to start, So I found a complete running VR6, purchased it and pulled the entire wiring loom out, painstakingly labelling every wire, photographing every connector and where every wire ran, I then pulled the entire wiring loom out of the 3 Door and rewired the whole car with the computer and loom from the donor car, after much cursing and more hour than I can believe,the car runs, now to start the build and get it where I want it to be  





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