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Well as the title says this was my first car I bought ten years ago.


I converted it to a vr6 8 years ago drove it around for 2 years then couldn't insure it.


Since then I've have a few company cars and still have one now.


So what I have here is a car that I don't want to get rid of even low it needs alot of tlc, so iv finally started building it up as a budget toy.


I have it ruining on mega squirt 1 with 630cc injectors and a 8:1 decompression plate so it's now getting a load of budget boost.


This is not going to be a expensive build except for the bits I can't skimp on ie injectors don't want a lean cylinder.


Here are some photos I have taking on the way in no real order.




























If anyone is interested in seeing how this turns out I'll keep it updated.


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9 hours ago, RBPE said:

Coming on nicely. Is that one of those £4-500 ball bearing ebay turbo's? Was looking at a supplier of those website the other day, wondered what they'd be like.


I must admit I was looking at such turbo you talk about but couldn't find one that would be shipped quickly.


That's a eBay gt30 turbo think it cost 120 quid, I plan on seeing how long it last and I'm on the look out for a real gt35 or hx35-40 but I would also look for a eBay special ball bearing gt35.


I will be sure to let you know how the Chinese turbo holds up.

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