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Newbie.. found this for sale local and couldn't resist, my 1st vr6

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Mines got a few little jobs that need doing the main one bring tempremental electric windows that had me melting last week in that heat and tracking is slightly out. The keg is just being used as a heat shield round the air intake.. I'm enjoying the car was definitely worth selling my xr4 for

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Does your VR6 have a sunroof, think I can see on your pics. And in fact do all Mk3 VR6's have sunroof as standard?


Reasons I say is cos my VR6 electric windows are out, but I'm putting it down to water leakage from the known damaged sunroof. Additionally I have the Special Edn Mk3 Golf, and the windows stopped working long before I discovered sunroof leakage. It may be wise to eliminate that first.


I intend now the weather is turning, to take down the headliner, fix the sunroof, and repair the electrics. 


Wonder if anyone else has experienced this? 

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Not this weekend I'm busy, i was at tatton park yesterday there was some really nice golfs there. Not many mk3s tbh and only 1 vr6 highline. Would definitely be interested in the club stand next year theres still a few little things to do to the car before its show worthy 

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10 hours ago, Danny York said:

She scrubs up alright for her age. I wouldn't mind an engine rebuild and supercharging it, that's the long term plan... just the money side of the plan that's the issue haha 

Thats it never easy to add big power to these without a big spend.


Have you got a diary thread going if so drop a link

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2 hours ago, Danny York said:

It's either a rebuild and supercharger or an r32 engine conversion ... if I get round to it I'll definitely start a diary thread, it's just the money side at the moment so it'll be a good while off yet, I've no plans on selling the car so it'll get done eventually ha

Dont bother with the 32 Conversion lol.
Well its up to you.
You  benefit more with the VR6  with Cams etc being a 12v, where the 32 being 24 has less room to play with plus with the engine already having the VVT set up.
Personally get the VR re-built and slap a charger on there and you will see fab arse figures. 
10Psi plus, Power to weight ratio, just have a think.
Just finished helping my mates VR with a V1 Charger, had a 8PSi pulley set up, and achieved 1bar of boost which is not normal at all, I think it was 320hp and was still climbing.
Uncle Vince had limited the Rev Counter at 6K or would have gone bang..lol 

There are options bud.. 

Just have a think.. 

I should have kept my old VR.




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