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[SOLD] Mk3 Golf VR6 5 door interior (cloth)

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For sale are the seats and door cards from my VR6. Selling them as I have replaced them with leather.


The car has done approx. 95k miles and the seats are in good condition. The driver's seat outer bolster is broken down slightly but the cloth is in tact and it's not too bad.


The OSR door card has a split by the door handle as shown in the photos, this is hardly noticeable once fitted and door handle in place. As you can see on the front door cards there is one clip housing missing on each, I don't have a spare but if you could get hold of one it could be glued back in place, however they didn't cause me any issues when they were fitted.


Collection only and I'm in Coventry. I'd like to sell the whole lot together and looking for £60.



Door card 2.jpg

Door card 1.jpg

Door card 3.jpg

Door card 4.jpg

Door card 5.jpg

Door card 6.jpg

Door card 7.jpg

Door card 8.jpg

Door card 9.jpg

Seats 1.jpg

Seats 2.jpg

Seats 3.jpg

Seats 4.jpg

Seats 5.jpg

Seats 6.jpg

Seats 7.jpg

Seats 8.jpg

Seats 9.jpg

Seats 10.jpg

Seats 11.jpg

seats 12.jpg

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