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MK2 VR6 Conversion Suspension

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Hi all, This may sound like a daft question but I'm wrestling with the suspension  on my  MK2 VR6 conversion keeping base axle so Corrado subframe, MK2 wishbones, mk2 16v hubs and Track Rods. When it comes to the Coilover set, I've been looking at the Bilstein B12 sets. I know obviously that the front suspension has to be a Corrado VR6 set because of the additional weight but what of the rear? Would putting a Corrado VR6 coilover set all round be odd? Should I be putting a 50/50 set up on this conversion? I.E Corrado VR6 Coilovers on the Front and MK2 G60 Coilovers on the back?  What have you guys used and what were the resuts? I'm interested to know as I think I'm probably overthinking things. It appears that the Corrado B12 set is rated for 710kg on the rear and the MK2 set is rated for 740kg, Is that 30kg going to make much difference on the rear? 


Thanks in advance all.





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