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wierd noise when downshift to 2nd from 3rd

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Hey the other day i was down shift and noticed when i started letting go and engaging clutch on the downshift of 3rd to 2nd a "WHINDING NOISE" In addition it happens on when i depress the clutch on 3rd and engage around 3k rpm to 3500rpm it happens 80% of the time could it be the transmission on its way out or anything I can do to help my 10+ year old car. Looking to make the drive less rough also on 1st sometimes i hear a loud KNOCK as if whenever torque is stressed on the suspension/mounts/transmission makes a loud Knocking noise "in the past replacing AXLES has worked. (CAR WAS LOWERED now reset to stock suspension.


2 issues
1. DOWN SHIFT whinding noise

2. First Gear or whenever the car is pushed makes LOUD knocking noise


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Hi, i have heard mostly good things about Redline MT\MTL for the transmission possibly worth a look. as for the knock is it a knock or a bang? i had a bang when giving it some beans and it was a dodgy engine mount, try it in gear with handbrake on to check movement or get a jack on the bottom to see how much it moves

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