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VR6 head fully rebuilt - New condition

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For sale is Fully rebuild Vr6 12V head?
It was done by proffesional shop that works only on cylinder heads,

- head was cleaned, 
- skimmed, 
- all brand new valves installed (exhaust and intake)
- all new valve gudes instaled
- all new valve stems
- presure tested for leaks and cracks

Basically it is almost like new cylinder head, ready to bolt on to Your VR6, never installed after all job was done.
There is plastick bag with old valves valve steams etc, to proof that they are replaced.

I sold couple of them in this thrad http://the-corrado.net/showthread.ph...d-gasket-bolts on TCF

I also had my VR6 engine fully rebuilt month ago , I also used cylinder head fully rebuilt by the same company that rebuilt head I offer for sale, and I can say that engine is working fantastic so far, with 268 cams installed.

Price is £390 including shipping to UK

Located in Poland

email tekar82@gmail.com






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