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HELP! Power Steering Pipes

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Hi guys, I recently ran in to a problem concerning my power steering.


The 4mo has been off the road for around 10 months, with the odd jump start to make sure she is still alive.  So I decided to book her in for an MOT next week to see what the damage is going to be (I knew she would need a few things anyway).  I jump started her after coming from the garage, then moved her along the residential car park, when I noticed some white smoke and power steering failing.  Upon parking up and looking under, I could see a leak from one of the pipes (see pic).


I am wondering where I could source one fairly cheap as I have been looking on Ebay etc but no luck and the garage said that anything to do with power steering is usually expensive work.


Help much appreciated ?


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Coincidentally had a similar scenario with my Mk3 power steering lines recently. I found the solution was taking the pipes off and getting a local hydraulic company (mainly dealing with diggers and forklifts) to make up a new set using the original metal components. 

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