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I made a similar enquiry recently, actually for exactly the same vehicle type.


I was told that you can't get classic insurance for a driver under the age of 25. I was trying to put my son on my classic policy, so he could drive the car while his was being "borrowed" by my daughter when she was back from university. The joys of parenthood!


I did however get some online pricings for normal policies for my son, who is 21 with 3 years NCD on the same vehicle.


Hastings £500 for a standard car.

Flux £1300 for declared mods to suspension and air filter.


So a huge difference, meaning it would be cheaper to return the car to standard. But, how many 20 year old cars are standard?


Next step is a specialist. I am going to try HIC tomorrow - who came back with £1250.

So back to standard it is then :-(


Cheers Pete



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Sorry its taken so long to reply. Had issues login in. Yeah tell me about it, ended up forking out £1100 for suspension with Flux and i have 7/8 years ncd. Insurance was cheaper over a year ago now bumped up £200!!!


I think HIC was the most expensive? ( There somewhere in this forum?) Came back with something like over 2k ?  i couldn't help but laugh down the phone... ?


With the vr6, gotta wait another ten years till it becomes a classic..! Hopefully I'll still have it. Let me know how you got on mate.

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Put it back to standard by changing the airbox and the springs, so I could take out the Hastings policy.

It's a standard policy so might have a struggle with the valuation of the VR6 in the event of a fault claim.


I will defo go back to the classic policy in 2 years time, when the "car loan" finishes.

These really are good value from the specialists and are not bothered about normal mods.


Cheers Pete







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