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Hi Fellow VR6 fans ! 

So I'm finally back in another MK4 VR6 Jetta after my POS mechanic killed my previous one. Things are going pretty good for this one except for one thing :I have this mysterious seagull-like squeaking coming from my front driver's side wheel hub.

You can hear it in those 2 clips I uploaded to YouTube :




clips were made with the car on jack stands, with the wheel removed.

Now I know what everybody is going to say : It's the CV Joint/Transaxle. Here's the catch though : This video was made a few minutes after we replaced the CV Joint/transaxle and it is making the same exact noise !!!! Except now it's even louder and does it at even lower speed than before. 

My couple of mechanic friends say they have never heard a noise like this. The dust shield is not rubbing, we looked around with a flashlight and it doesn't look like the boot or ANYTHING is rubbing at all !!! Even looking at the old CV joint, there are no rub marks anywhere !

The only thing I can figure at this point is maybe a wheel bearing ????


What do the gurus think ?



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