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Well, been a busy bee lately and had a few  things done to the vr. 


Started with getting a set of oem foglights and some replica smoked indicators and blanks. Theyre quite good, they even have hella stamped on the front, and germany on the rear. I used 2 layers of cheap shiz ebay yellow tint for the fogs as i cant find any frenchies for the mo.


Ive bought a 2nd set of solithdes for £50, 2 with brand new firestones on the front.  My old set had 2 good tyres out of the four so i made  1 good set and got them refurbished by bespoke alloys down in denham near uxbridge. Ive had a few sets of wheels done by them in the past, their work is second to none, totally recommend them if youre near or far to be honest.


I also bought all new bearings, as 1 of them was making a horrible noise, abs sensors (which cured the abs light staying on) discs and a 2nd set of calipers which i bought and had refurbished by brake caliper refurbs of nottingham and painted british racing green fitted. along with brembo rears and ferodo ds2500 front pads. She also had to have new brake lines fitted from the abs pump to the subframes. Also got a set  of goodridge braided hoses for good measure. Had the fluid changed to ate superblue aswell and feels like a different car now.


Ive also added a few pics of some dodgy filler repairs on the sills ? that i dont like the look of. My mechanic assures me that underneath is repairable, but im not 100%... The cars going to vrt in slough to have thhe chains  changed and possibly a clutch, while its there im going to get their opinion. Ive heard nothing but good things about them so hopefully itll be honest. Ill ask them to pull thhe filler back and have a propper lookimageproxy.php?img=&key=0d4e35e4cfcc205dimageproxy.php?img=&key=0d4e35e4cfcc205d








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Sooo had a few more thiings done to the old girl. Clutch was making a funny noise when at biting, so had a new one fitted and while it was all off thought best to get the chains done. Needed a new thermostat housing and crack pipe too, and the rear engine mount was knackered (snapped) also. While on the subject of crack pipes,i got a black forest billet pipe, which the fellas at vrt could not get to seal up for love nor money, so i just opted for a new plastic one instead. Not happy, as the pipe's quite expensive. As i said i had the work carried out by vrt's of slough, cant recommend them enough, they really know their shit.


Also i felt the front end needed tidying up, so got hold of a set of genuine hella headlamps and a better coondition front grille which i swappes out myself, piece of  piss, although the headlight adjustor motors are a bit of a bitch.


Also got myself a set of sills and front wings ready for when i get the sills done. Couldnt get genuine sills from anywhere. Vw dont do them any more and vw heritage only had patern parts so patern it is. Got hold of a set of genuine wings though from the same guy who sold me the headlights,  so chuffed to buggery with that! Thanks Paul.


Hopefully i can get the sills done this side of christmas but for now im enjoying her as much as i possibly can without losing my licence.




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