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Back when I had the original Aristo's in a Gun metal grey! Now I use these as my winter set but still love the original wheels, anyone Else put BBS CH-R's on their R32 MK4? I had a clearance issue with the porsche 4 pot turbo callipers on the front they required some serious spacing....Currently running a 25mm spacer out front and back!


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47 minutes ago, Bungles said:

Just over a couple of grand from memory. Had the flywheel in there as well, when I'm back from my travels I can snap an itemised bill of what I had carried out! Love your Car you riding on air or coilovers?



Thanks mate, would never do Air. Weitec Coilovers dude. ?

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48 minutes ago, Bungles said:

I remember when I had my cupra r front slitter! Managed to catch a branch in the middle of the road and said goodbye emoji23.png



?? You must have been pretty Low like.

Well have a good Hol pal!! ??

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13 hours ago, Bungles said:

Good man I've been tempted by air suspension but just love the ride on the coilovers and have had no issues since installed! The H&R upgraded anti roll bars I found to be a great help in the corners also! Who's done your wheel arches looks too fresh! emoji11.png




Morning mate.

No one has done my arches, must be the Polish&Wax that I use that cuts the Paint like that .... ?

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Meguiars Gold Class Shampoo.

Auto Glym Super Resin.

Then Meguiars Carnuba Wax, thats what I use to use..?

Now the car has been rinsed with Fairy Liquid, (Yeh Fairy the Green original washing liquid ??)..

Meguiars Deep Shine Polish and coated with Fusso!! 




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6 hours ago, Arthur Teetoo said:


Hi lads new to this forum and the R32.
I'm looking for a descent coilover kit.
DImage1497311292.043107.jpgon't want anything too hard or low just slightly lower and harder than standard. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Mk5 R32 07 modelemoji1365.png??




So why dont you just uprate your Springs to H&R? 

You get a tad lower and handles even better.. ?

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