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Had a powerflow stainless steel cat back installed on a 24v 2.8 a few weeks ago.


Within 100 miles and small trips out, the inside of the outlets are caked in carbon deposit/soot. 


The noise has changed slightly, probably from said deposits.


I do have an issue with the crank sensor and rough idle at cold and hot. Hot starts usually end up with misfire sounds and rough running or fire up and then drop to stall.


Cold starts even with the fast idle, make the car feel unbalanced.




Could the build up of soot coincide with the rough running/crank issue?


No smoke of any colour noticed at any point, except condensation burning off after a night of cool air.


Cheers all.

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Ah Pete. I was expecting some discolouration, just not a mm or 2 of soot.


I've had a read that rich running and crap fuel can cause this too. 


Book states fuel as 95, not 97, so that's what she has, but I don't put known brands in, she has the 95 from the costcutter petrol station down the road. Never notice any difference when the occasional tank of BP goes in. 


On another note, the new crank sensor is preventing hot start issues, so that's a good result.


Cheers for the reply either way matey. Hope you've sorted the belt.

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