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Hi all, im Russ, as title says i finally got my sticky mitts on a lovely black 3 door vr obd2 highline.


had a vento tdi before on rx2s and coilovers, and had a 217bhp tdi pd bora which i owned for 8 years! Always wanted a '6 but i do a fair few miles for work so a tdi daily was always a must. Got a new house lately with a little garage, so as soon as i could i sold the bora, bought a cheap a4 b5tdi estate for a daily (and vr6 parts van of course!) and stuffed the garage full of vr6 goodness!!


shes a tad tatty at the mo, think a boy racer used to own her-all the fogs and indicators were brush painted black and you couldn't see any light, so changed them as per pic to start with. Engine needs a good once over too, maybe even a twice or thrice over, but ill get there.


other plans include overhauling the brakes for some standard refurbed calipers, new discs, braided lines and while im at it bearings abs sensors etc. 


got some corrado 5 spoke speedlines waiting to be refurbed also. These will replace the solitudes currently on it. Cars already sat on coilovers but i will be changing them to b14's soon and fitting some eibach upgraded arb's.


I have a friend who does most of the mechanical stuff but i try and do minor jobs and interior work etc


God its good to have that noise in my life at long last! Licence losing noise


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