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Annoying Windows!! - Must read before replacing regulator

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Hi guys, this might be a topic that's been covered many times although I thought id make a thread and it could help someone out


so a  few days ago, some a**hole smashed my passenger side door glass!!


luckily one of my pals was breaking 3dr local so I managed to get the glass the following day


2 screws behind the handle, pry the door card off and carefully remove the polystyrene sort of covering and you will have access to the regulator


now where the issue lied, id try and put the window down although it seemed as if the window regulator was stuck, so I unplugged the motor and reconnected it


I was then able to bring the window down to access the 2 x 10mm bolts that holds the glass.


I fitted the new glass and tightened the bolts, then id try put the window all the way back up and it would get stuck! hmm...


I then fiddles with it to try make it work and all it was, was the positioning of the glass!


so, I loosened both and pushed the window anticlockwise as if I was facing it from the inside (clockwise for driver side, looking from inside the car) and then bolted it back up


now the window works perfectly, touch wood!


now my driver side was also temperamental and I always doubted the regulator although I performed the same procedure and voila!


my theory is over the years they may slip alignment and just slight movement will cause the window to not go up with one push of the button and sometimes play with it by pressing the button multiple times!


adding to that I had also read on the forum about resetting the window switches, hold up for 10secs then hold down for 10secs.


I hope this solves anyone's window issues as I know how annoying they can be!


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