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Newbie with a soon to be VR6 scirocco

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Hi everyone.


I'm from Devon and have owned my scirocco for 17 odd years. I have recently undertaken another restoration on it so its really clean. I have always wanted a VR6, as a kid it was the gold standard in magazines etc. Nowadays so many people are doing 1.8T conversions so i thought it was about time to get myself a VR6 and do it. I bought an mot failure sharan for £150 with a good strong 135k engine. I have stripped it out along with gearbox, wiring loom, ecu, transmission, gearstick and some other bits. The rest of the car is being scrapped on thursday. 


I plan to use a 'bolt in' set of mounts from here: http://www.classic-vw.co.uk/mk1-golf-epytec-vr6-engine-conversion-mounts--02a--02j-gearbox-mounts-14704-p.asp


I will then get custom shafts made and the rest will 'fall into place' hopefully. 


First problem is i have a dbv gearbox which i think is no good so need to find myself a gearbox now....but i will ask about that in the right places.


anyway, looking forward to my adventures into VR6 ownership.









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not that people seem particularly chatty, but it is now out, started to clean it up and have stripped SAI, EGR, PCV, AC pump, PAS pump and auxilary water pump. I also stripped off loads of coolant pipes to bare bones. I have now stripped the loom of non essentials and have purchased an 02a gearbox and shifter so it all on track. I have also started painting the block but ran out of paint! next job is to strip it down and get parts powdercoated and do more turbo research....




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