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Dzl v5 gearbox

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Hi guys

Just a quick one 

I have a mk2 vr6 and at oulton park the other week I broke my mk3 vr6 gearbox

I have a v5 dzl gearbox which am fitting 

Just a couple of question 

At the moment am running a cable clutch conversion which I want to keep .can the dzl run the clutch cable conversion ?? Also does the vr6 starter motor work ok or do I need the v5 one . also am running 4 x100 hubs Not wide track . do I need to change the drive cups or drive shafts 

All help is welcome 

Thanks guys 

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The cups are the bokt on type on the DZL box, so you can run 100mm or 108mm cups.. whichever match ur shafts.

The starter has 1 hole that needs drilling out iirc if u keep the vr6 one, otherwise the v5 will do fine but u need the bolt then as its threaded I think.. been a whike since doing mine, but its pretty much identical.. would reccomend a diesel 5th though.. 

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