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Post the last photo of your car!

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My three Golfs. 

Mk3 VR6 Highline

Mk3 VR6

Mk6 R


The R-reg Highline is going for a respray soon, hopefully. This has been my daily driver for four years.


I bought the other P-reg one a few months back to run around in while the Highline is away.


The P-reg needs a few bits to get it running properly. A new coil, Magnecour HT leads and new plugs are bought or on order. I'm going to Redex the fuel system on next fill up. I bought a secondhand front grill to replace the broken debadged one that was on there. It has TT Comp wheels which have been badly sprayed but I might do something with them.

It had been left standing for ages  with only 2000 miles in the last five years. The interior was pretty damp and even some mildew forming on the seats. I've had a dehumidifier in there for couple of days and pulled two litres of water out of it! Then my mate gave it a full professional valet.



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My last pic, has been tucked away in the garage since May last year after a blown head and few other problems I decided to SORN it till this summer, next weeks it's going to RK Engineering in St Agnes for the headgasket repair also purchased myself some schimmel 263's and Schimmel's highflow head package - can't wait!!

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