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MK3 Golf VR6 Show Car. (SOLD)

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Since I don't get the time to drive this anymore and the fact that it sits in my garage for 99% of it's life, I honestly think it's time to let it go and to let someone else enjoy it. Seems such a huge shame to have it tucked away.



The car is a 1997 MK3 Golf VR6.

Mileage is around 84-85k off the top of my head. I forget as I don't drive it often.


Body Mods.


Full respray in Ferrari Silverstone Grey

Audi A6 door handles

Audi TT filler flap. Solenoid wired to button in the dash.

Fully smoothed side rubbing strips.

Fully Smoothed front bumper with integrated air duct feeding the BMC Induction kit. Centre support bars also removed.

Fully smoothed rear bumper tow eye removed and rear spoiler plastic welded and smoothed into the bumper.

Side repeaters removed from front wings. Arches pulled 35mm. Rear arches pulled 50mm.

Side skirts removed and sills smoothed.

Rear tailgate debadged and de wipered and de locked. Plate recess shortened (Frenched) CL glass fitted.

Rear swage lines smoothed.

Roof ariel removed and smoothed.

Full vento front with smoothed bonnet, washer jets removed. Smoked vento headlights with LED indicator strips inside.

Early Vento grill.

Hella Black/Red rear lights.

AC Schnitzer Wing mirrors




Full leather interior. Dash, headlining, seats and all door panels. Door pins removed and smoothed. Leather is Mercedes perforated brown and a one off rusty orange.  Rear seats removed and custom polished show cage fitted. Custom false floor to the rear. All wiring etc is in compartments underneath, Amps etc can be hidden in here, crossovers etc....

Rear strut brace.

Rear suspension turrets smoothed and painted,

Raid 280mm steering wheel also in matching leather.

MOMO Gear Knob

DDI Dials.




Car is sitting on KonigSport fully adjustable coilovers and Eibach Anti roll bars.

Wheels are fully polish by Mike The Polisher. BBS RS301. 9.5 Rear and 8 front. Fully polished with gold bolts and wrapped in brand new Yokohama S-Drive rubber.

312mm Brakes and Braided hoses (Although these are not currently fitted but will come supplied)



The car comes with a massive folder of receipts that will take days to go through.
Car currently has no MOT, as it's sat in the garage I didn't see the point in getting it done again. It's done about 30 miles since it's last MOT. If it's of importance it can be done.
Car has number plates for the MOT. Side repeaters are also located in the scuttle panel should they be needed.
I think that covers most things that I can think of.
Car has been garaged it's entire life, no rot or rust issues anywhere.
Price I would like is £7k without the wheels. £9.5k with the wheels.
I do NOT have any other wheels to put on the car that would be legal to drive. So you would need to source and bring them with you. I do however have some Polo 9n wheels with bald tires if trailering.
ohseven7one7zero05nine8three is my number. I would prefer text as opposed to calls due to work commitments.
Any questions feel free to ask/post and I will do my best to answer them.
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3 hours ago, Earwig said:

Me to. My plan was to see so many shows this year and yet I have not been to a single one. Due to work or family or weather etc....


I don't get to enjoy it like I used to, so it's about time to let someone else enjoy it.


I'm sure it could win a lot of shows again! :)  someone needs to buy this and keep it in the club!


Mark - have you ever thought of buying another VR6 that isn't so full on show mode? I hate to say it, something a bit more practical! :P


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I have certainly thought about many things to replace it. R32 etc..... Whatever I do decide it will certainly be more practical !


Would love for the car to stay in the club and start winning shows again. That's what it was built for. Bodywork and paint alone runs into the tens of thousands. Only thing it's really missing is a smoothed bay and a charger !


Car will also come with an entire interior plastics set. The plan was to skin the lot in a piano black effect, much like the newer golfs. Tiring of carbon this, carbon that....


It also has an Alpine DVD screen/player fitted which I forgot to mention along with some Focal (I think) component speakers. The AudioBahn amp I will likely keep though.

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Nope, no rear seats matching sadly. Although I do have a full black Highline interior in the garage if you wanted tom put that in and sell the one that's in it. But would be sad to pull it apart......


Plate has nothing to do with Jake either. He does have similar plates though for his Turbo. H20 VRT I think ? It's basically H20 for water, meaning water cooled. And VR speaks for itself. Nothing to do with his pool business :P

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Still here !


Set of these wheels on eBay now for nearly £4k ! And not in anywhere near this condition. Shows how much the wheels alone are worth !


Needs to go fairly soon. Eyes are already on a new car. Someone give it a nice home :-(

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