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Grown up things, saving money / budgets

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For the first time in my life I thought I would tighten my belt - if you ask @VR6CABBS or @Dave_ciw then I'm tighter than scrooge at Christmas!


So far I've managed to save;


  • £21/month by switching my energy tariff with my current energy provider.
  • £15/month by calling sky and removing Cinema from my package - I will be calling them again in a few weeks to complain it is still too much and looking to cancel unless they can further reduce monthly payments.


I will be looking at setting up a second bank account for my monthly direct debits to come out of so I have a "true picture" of what I have in my current account.


I have downloaded a budget spreadsheet to get my incomings and outgoings down in a spreadsheet using this template: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/redir/e5897875 - It's worked pretty well to visualize where my money is going


Yep, Kids & house & cars! ha ha


But gives you an idea of how much you are over / under spending v's your income!


So what other money saving tips do you use to help you save a few quid / manage your incomings and outgoings?


Of course any money saved will go on the Corrado!








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14 hours ago, wayne_1@tiscali.co.uk said:

I think it's the same with all of us if I'm honest some of us have certain trades where we can make extra money on the side that always helps I'm a gas man


If only I could do the same, but oddly not many people want IT management on the side haha

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