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Just joined here....


I'm Dan - living in York.


had as a few VR's before....

3 Mk3 Golf VR6

4 Corrado VR6

and an R32 some time ago.


All had to go due to house, kids, and life in general costing £££ lol....


Just picked up another Mk3 Golf "ex show car" in need of work. 


Have a VW Transporter, into my Land Rovers and mountain bikes, motor bikes.


Last Pic was taken last night how the golf looks now.




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I believe it is that car.


I literally just picked it up on Thursday night. Been at the VW festival all weekend....


Its been stood for 5 years or so now...

Body needs a bit of work

Needs brakes

Needs a clutch


The interior is still nice and fresh, so just all the other bits to sort.


Not keen on the Porsche wheels, might get some TT comps and look for something else when funds allow.


Hope to find some ideas here too!! 

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Welcome to the club Dan.

Me and the club was at the VW fest to mate for the full weekend. Did you get chance to have a nosey at some of our cars? Should of come and said hello. Anyway looking forward to seeing the work in progress on this one. You should start a build thread and update it as and when you do jobs on it. Plenty to look at here mate. Hopefully you'll get it to some shows soon.

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I've been going to the VW festival for a few years now.

Take the T5 and caravan though!

Had a look over the stand both days..
Some really nice cars there.... Mine needs loads of work in comparison lol....

Will keep looking up for future events.

You'll get there mate but it's all spend spend spend. Haha. What campsite was you on? Family one?
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Yes, family camping.
Took missus and both daughters..

Need my T5 to tow the caravan and for all the crap we take!


Haha. Cool mate. I do remember seeing your bus. I think it's gonna have to be something bigger for me next year. Still I managed to cram me and my two boys and all the camping swag in my lowered VR. Lol.
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Thought I recognized it @s3dxm! It used to be only down the road from where I lived in Stoke on Trent! Glad to see it is still going, nice motor and have a soft spot for Dragon Green VR's :)


looking forward to reading your project diary and follow your progress in getting this back to tip top condition! I bet it will look awesome after getting a DA on it :)

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