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Bit of Banter just for laughs!


Post a picture of you and your VR or another person and your VR in the rarest strangest place you can find!  Something different or by a street sign with your name on it or some shit like that!  Or yourself posing in fancy dress in front of the VR!  Lets make this a right laugh people!  Images can be old ones or new!  If you are going to do any NUDES please blur out the obscene parts :ph34r:!  If you are female and struggling with the blurring your nudes please feel free to PM them to any of the mods to do this on your behalf! ;) (Wee joke)


Lets have a few crazy entries!  Mine is still on the ramp in my garage with my interior scattered between my dining room and spare bedroom so I am out this month!


All images posted before the 20/07/2016 will be included and the one with the most likes by the 30th will win a 6 pack of beer courtesy of the VR6 Ownser Club!


Its just a bit of fun people lets get involved!!



So come on 




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