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Factory33 Custom billet HT lead holders

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Hi, name is chuff and i run a small and upcoming company called Factory33.

We are big car nuts and we design and make high end custom car parts from mostly billet aluminium.

one of our parts has received quite a lot interest from you members on facebook etc and so i was advised to set up a thread here to see if anyone would be interested in a group buy.


The item in question is our custom design HT lead holders for the 2.8 VR.

First off im sure youll all be thinking what is he rambling on about so heres a picture 




as you can see the lead holders bolt onto the original plastic cover mounting points so no drilling or fabrication required. You will need to remove your engine plastics as per our engine in the photo though, not a problem for most that want to go for a simple shaved bay show look.

in the kit you get the upper holder ,the lower holder the fitting plate for the upper holder and all bolts etc.

we have just completed manufacture of our first batch and half of those are sold already.

the first batch have been made to accomodate 10mm leads (we only had 7mm leads on us at the time of these photos hence they look a little loose) but we will be doing other sizes in the future also.


we are also looking at doing a version for those running shortrunners and turbo conversions etc

as you can see from the photos we have our logo engraved on the upper piece and the VR6 logo engraved on the end of the lower piece.


if VR6OC is interested in a group buy we may be able to look at doing your club logo in place of the VR6, if thats someting your interested in.


as a kit they retail at £199.99

i know peoples first question will be how much will they be via a group buy but i need to know numbers before i can give you an accurate idea.

so feel free to ask as many questions as possible and ill try to answer them.

for reference they are fitted here to our very own VR6 swapped mk1 caddy.


thanks for taking the time to look 











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1 hour ago, Bealieboy said:

These are still one of the best bay dress up kits I've seen for the vr, I spotted them on Instagram back in December. Very nice bit of kit! emoji1362.png

Well thanks for the kind words, many many many hours has gone into them to be honest. Designing them so they are perfect fit and look classy. 

You would have seen the prototypes on our instagram in december

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Right then guys and gals


been speaking to the team and if we can get 5 people we can do each set for £190.

+ p&p.could also post em to one place and let you dish em out at a meet if thats better for you, would be cheaper on postage all round obviously.


if they are all 10mm sets required then we have those currently in stock and could be dispatched as soon as payment is made.


if you wanted (as a club ) say 10 sets they would be cheaper again


and if people want the custom VR6OC logo then we would need to make a fresh batch custom for you guys obviously so there would be a lead time.


Id appreciate your views

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