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[SOLD] Zeitronix zt 2 multi gauge

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Zeitronix zt-2 wideband afr meter + data logging system with blue display 52mm gauge unused nib retails at £310. The kit contains:

The Zt-2 Wideband AFR Controller,

Wideband Oxygen Sensor,

O2 Harness,

Signal Harness,

Datalogging Software,

Installation Instructions,

2 pin EGT connector.


Plus I also have the EGT probe + extension cable retails at £70


Plus genuine 3.5bar boost sensor retails at £95


This complete zeitronix kit totals £475 do it for £320.



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What size is the MAF/Filter? 4"? What power is it capable of?


The Pro maf is 3.5" diameter and I'll measure the filter tomorrow for u.

As for power these Pro maf are sufficiently superior to the 4" alloy maf they used to sell, these r normally paired to the Siemens 630cc injectors and I know people who have run over 500hp but ur prob best to speak to United motorsport. sales@unitedmotorsport.co.uk

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