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Ultimate Dubs club stand

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On ‎08‎/‎03‎/‎2016 at 11:09 AM, Dyson333 said:

Did the line up ever get announced for this event? 

We did not announce the lineup for many reasons, although we did have a club stand indoors at Ultimate Dubs.

We have been let down so badly by people who initially put their name down and then thought having a show and shine space was better, very disappointing as the position it puts the club in is not a good situation at all!

We have lost count at the number of people wo committed to supporting the club and then dropping out, even as late as 2 days before the event, which as you can imagine is very difficult to fill those spaces.

It has gotten so bad this year we are seriously considering not doing the show again as this year has not given the club a good reputation. @michael5556 has done a great job in trying to get people together but due to the amount of wasting of our time it really has left a bitter taste in our mouths.

I cannot stress enough that if you commit to support the club you are doing just that, ditching us for going to show and shine after you committed to displaying with us is frustrating and puts us in a difficult position with the event organizers if we are turning up with a low number of cars, and not likely to be selected next year for an indoor spot.

If we do decide to attend next year there will be a STRICT criteria on who will be allowed to put their car forward, these are some of the ideas I have had......

1) The car must be built! - We have had too many people who wanted to display their car and then decide it will not be ready in time.

2) You pay us the cost of a ticket price for yourself to secure your place on the stand - This will be refunded after the event, and is non returnable should you decide to withdraw your application.

3) Accommodation must be booked at the venue unless staying at an alternative near by friends / your own home over the course of the weekend - People who are serious about attending the event would have planned accommodation well in advance due to popularity.

4) You should be a registered forum member - Facebook is full of hopers and dreamers, the people who are serious about supporting the club will be active on the forum.

Big thanks to those who did stick to their word and support the club and a big shout out to @michael5556 for doing his best in pulling off the display that we did have

It would be a real shame if we didn't do a club stand next year as we have been doing the show for over 10 years, as you can appreciate we do this all in our time and we need our members support and co-operation but the stress of trying to organize this has made us question is it worth it.

Really hope you guys decide to have an input on this as it is you that make the club and your input is vital to its success.


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