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hi, i joined about a year or two ago when i brought my first mk3 golf, its a 1995 5 door storm grey vr6, leather, electric sunroof, and vr6 badges in only the side strips, electric heated wing mirrors, had 130 odd thousand miles when i got it, now got just over 140 thousand odd miles, it's changed quiet alot since i've had it (as soon as i pull my finger out and sort some pics i will upload them)

i love the colour, not a very common colour.

I've currently got a few things on the go with it, and again, once i've got used to using this site and shown my face a bit more, i will upload pics, 

I've been meaning to use this site a bit more as i don't use facebook any more and would like to chat to other mk3 and vr6 owners, get help and give help as well as of course spares and parts.

I'll leave it there for the minute, i have attached 3 pics to this wright up, the car as it is at them moment as of yesterdays wash, with its winter temp wheels on and the cancer in the drivers side wing.





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Hi thanks chaps, but I already have a new replacement painted ready to fit, I'm just waiting for a front bumper to he done now, so I can change both at the same time. Yea the bottom of the wing isn't there, just had parts of the sills both sides cut out and repaired too

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On ‎09‎/‎07‎/‎2018 at 4:21 PM, jimmyb88 said:

So what have I missed then? Finally managed to get my vr6 back on the road , road worthy , it's actually worked for a whole week with out breaking so far, haha , 


Looking good there fella, and seriously liking those wheels a lot. What wheels are they if you don't mind me asking? :ph34r:

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