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a3 3.2 (r32 engine) power/acceleration issue

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Hi guys I seem to be having an intermittent problem with my car.

Not sure if some of you know but the 3.2 has a change over valve that helps to create low down torque. having had a V5 with similar engine and problem I changed the change over valve and solenoid that controls the change over valve but had no luck.

To describe it doesn't matter weather its hot or cold some days the car is flying and other days its very flat and needs to be revved up to get it moving quick. Normally I can change gear at 2k and car is pulling nice and hard. when problem comes have to rev up to 2.5 3k revs. Also car can be a bit jerky when the issue presents and sounds slightly boomy.

Something weird when I make a big turn the acceleration goes back to normal its like something shifted then all is well. fuel consumption is fine and I have serviced, changed MAF and buddy at Audi did the dreaded software update.

Thinking of taking car to a specialist in London or surrey (people who know the r32/3.2 engine well)

My mate scanned car and no logged faults were present- he said he also check for air leaks and nothing.

I wondering if its fuel pump related?

Your help is most appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Without looking too far into it, is it not something as simple as couple coils breaking down, my 2.8 was fine on idle and only missfired between 2-4 grand and was intermittent. No faults came up either. If u can borrow set of coils must be worth a go

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