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Hi All, trying to get and idea of what EGT's people are running?

i have been fiddling with the ECU on mine as i was getting AFR of 12.5-14 while cruising, i am now getting close to stoich but my EG temp is up around 850-900c, is this right?

any guidance gratefully appreciated.





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85-90c I guess you mean.

900c the head would melts lol.

Aluminium melts at 660c

Mines about 80-87c depending on out side temp.

When giving it some, raises to about 93-95c after a per longed period.

Don't think I have ever seen mine over 97c

Even on a boiling hot day.

I do have aftermarket electric uprated fans.

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850-900 isn't too bad, just watch it doesn't climb too far past 1000 on boost.  Try adding a bit more cruise timing if you want the egts a bit lower.  For example, on my VR Turbo with flat top 8.5:1 forged pistons, I was able to run 40 deg advance at low loads at 80ish mph.  That knocked the EGTs down a bit.   Stock timing is around mid 30s up there, but is 10:1 CR. 


There's a fine line with EGTs.  Running rich can increase them, running too lean can increase them, you just need to find the sweet spot with the right AFR and timing.

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