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Show Prep! How do you do yours? Wash routines & products folks with a pic!

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As title suggests How do you clean yours from start to finish show prep?  Also list the products of your choice!


1) Snow Foam = KKD Blizzard Force let it rest for 5 minutes (usually fill two buckets in this time)

2) Rinse with Jet wash

3) Apply Fallout remover to wheels (if they are bad I agitate with exfoliating glove) = Angelwax Revolution

4) Two bucket method with Lambswool Mitt = BMD Atlantis Serius Dark Shampoo

5) Rinse with Jet wash

6) Clay = Maggies Quick detail bar every 6 months / use a clay cloth in between with a fresh bucket of shampoo water

7) Rinse with Jet Wash

8) Dry = Chemical Guys Wooly Mammoth drying towels

9) Polish = Menzerna polishes & compunds depending on level required Rotary buffer

10) Glaze = 50 Cal Filler Glaze applied using DA and soft black pad

11) Sealant = Poorboys EX-P  it says to leave on for upto 30mins. No chance its chalky & a nightmare to remove it gets 5mins.

12) Wax a = BMD Morpheus

13) Wheel Sealant = Poorboys wheel sealant

14) Tyre Dressing = Poorboys Bold n Bright spray on remove excess

15) Wax b = BMD Serius Dark 

16) Black Trim Dressing = Valet Pro Yellow Bumper Gel

17) Window Polish = Poorboys Glass Polish

18) QD Paint = MadCow UltraViolet High Gloss Quick Detail

19) Interior Carpets = Hoover then 50 Cal interior cleaner with Tornador Gun

20) Leather = AD leather treatment, Cleaner applied using exfoliating glove then Condition


Various other products are available but this is just show prep!


JOB Done!





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I don’t have any arty pics yet but I should after this weekend ;)


When I do the full works this is how I get all soapy........


Wheels: Protected with Gtechniqe C5 so a quick go over with soap & water is all I need, maybe a bit of Bilberry wheel cleaner. Tyres I dress with Megs Endurance.



1.    Jet wash down: Nilfisk Pressure Washer

2.    Snow Foam: Autobrite Direct Magifoam - though im trying KKD soon ;)

3.    Power rince

4.    Wash: CarPro wash mit. Shampoo: KKD Choccy Wash, Def Wax shampoo, Autoglym SBC, Chem Guys Mr Pink, Lusso, Angelwax Shampoo, Autobite Bannan Gloss..... the list goes on!!

5.    Rinse

6.    Blow Dry: Aeolus Blaster

7.    Dry finish using QD & drying towels: Uber yellow drying towel, Autobrite Reaper & QD. QD choice: Megs Ultimate, Bilt Hamber QD (awesome), Chem Guys synthetic, Auto Finesse Finale, Autobrite Berry Blast.... erm maybe more!!

8.    Clay: Bilt Hamber reg or soft and Bilt Hamber QD watered down 1:20 for lube

9.    QD

10.  Polish by machine: DAS6 Pro+, Hex Logic Pads, Autobrite 3 stage polish OR Megs 102/ 205

11.  Glaze: Poorboys Black Hole

12.  Seal: Briemax Extreme Elements OR Autobrite Direct on the daily.

13.  Wax: BMD Origins (lovely!!), Lusso Oro, Angelwax, Nattys, Megs NXT, Chem Guys Petes 53, DDJ Purple Haze Pro..... whichever I fancy


Black trim:

Solution finish OR CarPro Back to Black


Glass: Screen gets Gtechniqe G1& G2 sides/ rear get Autobrite Repel. I also use Autoglym Glass Polish, Angelwax Glass Cleaner and Rain x


Interior: Autoglym Interior shampoo, Gliptone Liquid Leather, Angelwax Angel


APC: Autobrite Jaffa Clean, Flash with Fabreeze & Autosmart G101


The armoury is ever growing. I recently bought CarPro Hyra2 that ill trial on the daily. Brushes I like the Valet Pro range and Vikan. Oh & cloths don't forget cloths!! For these I favour: CarPro Boa, Rag Company and for mucky jobs the Costco specials.......

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Update, I tonight used angelwax superior leather cleaner and I can report back that it's flipping ace!! Easy to use, smells nice and leaves the leather matt. Very impressed.

Spray on

Agitate with soft brush

Wipe down with damp mf cloth

Wipe down with dry mf cloth. Enjoy ;)

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Wanted to get so much done today FS!  Did the whole car with Menzerna 400 & chemical Guys Orange compound pad, then Menzerna 2200 with chemical guys Green Polish pad on my rotary!  Just need to get Menzerna 4500 on my Finishing pad then that will be her ready for protection!  Tatton only 2 weeks away!

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