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Hello everyone! My name is Chandler and I own an Mk5 R32 #235. I am in the process of my very long and expensive build. I bought the car about a year ago as my daily driver for I had another project I was working on, a 1971 super beetle. But unfortunately my beetle got totaled in the middle of the build.. At this point I thought well why not build an r32 haha.

I started out with the mind set of only new wheels and small suspension tweeks... But we all know how that goes... A little over a year later the car is very diffrent than it once was. Mod list... So far haha

-Hpa stage 2 Hpa ecu and dsg

-Forge intake

-Solo work coilovers (but its getting fitted with accuair elevel as i type this)

-Upgraded brakes with stainless steel brake lines

-Avant Garde M590

-A bunch of carbon goodies

-Lots more to come:)

I will throw up some more pictures later but here is a few:)post-95408-143491019939_thumb.jpgf5e6f6b2de4588f50943d5f448bf8c01.jpg7f2a87732a12e8787939f3f4cf76c7c2.jpg

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