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Headliner re trim

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Going to attempt replacing the material on the golfs headliner as its dirty and fallen in places, has anyone else done this successfully ? Thinking of using black suede as Alcantara is out of the budget at the moment!! was told to carefully remove old material, scrape back to the backing then once clean fit the suede. Any tips really appreciated !!!

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Hi mine needs doing too. There are some good guides online but its pretty much what you said. Be careful with your adhesive especially with a natural material like suede. Also having worked with leather I'd watch the thickness and weight as it may fall again if too heavy. I'll probably go for some grey headliner fabric off eBay, despite it being boring.

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I redid my headliner in grey 1/8" foam backed suede. if you have a sunroof you will have to use 1/8" foam as the 1/4" foam will not let the sunroof slide, it's too thick.

I used 3M Super 90 spray adhesive. I believe it's in a green can. It's the strongest I could find here in the USA. maybe a better product exists in the UK.

once you peal back the old headliner you do not have to scrape the old foam off as long as it is not crumbling. you can glue and lay the fabric over the existing foam. to remove the foam however, I used a wire bristle brush on an electric drill and VERY carefully lightly skimmed it along the surface of the headliner board. it's made quit work of the foam and did not damage the board itself.

be careful not spray the glue on too thick and it will soak through the fabric and on black it will stick out like a sore thumb.

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On ‎18‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 10:57 PM, thisdubslow24 said:

Hey dude I did mine suede black like a week ago came out good so I say go for it. Try to go to joanns fabrics they have great deals and a shit ton of fabric that can change your mind on what you actually went for Image1466286987.153529.thumb.jpg.1405fb7


how did the sunroof area come out? that's my only concern before I go ahead with retrimming

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