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Right folks here's your chance to take part in what could be a monthly prize draw if we get enough support!  I will aim my sights higher and higher with everyone we do, so the prizes will keep getting better and better.  Our prize this month is a Dual Action Polisher kit which includes compound & Pads.  This is roughly £150 worth of kit so not bad when £1 gets you a strip of ballets!  This kit is available from www.perfectlycleaned.co.uk and for those of you who are Premium Members there is a 10% discount code now for that shop in the PREMIUM MEMBERS section.  Just one more reason to sign up!


All you need to do to enter is send £1 as a gift to our paypal address and this will buy you one strip of ballets so 5 chances.  There is NO limit to how many you buy and all proceeds go to supporting the club and growing out community!  Message me either on here or on facebook as its live on our facebook page to and I will send you the paypal address.  Once paid I will send you a picture of your ballets so you have them.  Then on 06/06/2015 one of my lovely daughters will draw the winning ballet and it will be posted both on here and Facebook.


We will only post the machine to a UK address however if you are outside the UK and are happy to pay the postage fee then thats cool we are happy for you to enter.


So come on folks dig deep this is an awesome piece of kit I use on myself and I know loads of you will be saying "I ain't into all that detailing cleaning crap"  Well you can always sell it and make a few quid.  £1 a strip show your support!!!


I may have missed something sorry if I did no doubt someone will be on to to remind me!!




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Ill take five strips please can someone send me the paypal adress ?

Id say next time you could make this process so much easier by just putting the paypal adress in the origional first post

I would but the paypal address is linked to one of my companies sales enquiries and I don't really want shit loads of spam emails by posting it on a forum.  Its so simple just to PM me for the details.  Also it stops people sending money and not notifying me.  Then we wont have any complaints that people paid and never got tickets.  If they need to contact me then I can reply with an image of their tickets to that message and its happy days for everyone see!

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