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GT35r .70 / 1.06 on VR6 ?

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Hi guys,


I'm working on a AAA VR6 (rotor) Turbo project atm and I've found someone who's selling a new Garrett GT3582R.




Inlet: T3
Outlet: 4 blot 3,0" outlet
Diameter:  68 mm
Trim: 84
A/R: 1.06



Diameter: 82 mm
Trim: 56
A/R: 0.70


Is this turbo suitable for a vr6 engine ? I've done some research on it but can't find a proper answer.. I'm looking to get around 350-400hp out of it by just some ARP bolts, Decompression plate, intercooler, injectors, 3" downpipe, ... no serious updates, mostly stock parts (cams etc).

At first I was looking at some GT30's but then I came across this one so I tought well.. Maybe I just could run this one on less boost to keep it arround my goal of 350 - max 400hp.


Any toughts/tips ?


Thanks !


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That turbo is really for 600bhp or more and the 1.06 turbine housing will give you some unneeded lag. The best one for your power level would probably be a GT30, however the quick spool will give you a torque spike that might be harsh on components. I am doing the exact engine internals that you list and I'm looking to be somewhere in the 400s (24v engine) and I've got a GT35 with the .82 housing which should give full boost at around 3.5k rpm and allow me to turn it up to 500+


If you are 100% staying around 350 I would say a GT30 or GT35 with a .63 housing, 400+ go for a GT35 with the .82

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I've been told that going 400+ with stock engine interials is not a good idee because the stock parts just can't handle the pressure.

And still, 400hp in an MK2 (front wheels only) is quite enough for me. The thing is I can buy this turbo for a super good price so that's why I am heavily considering buying it (cheaper than a gt30).

Is there any difference, except for the lagg, between a .82 and 1.06 ? I see many who say/write they prefer the 1.06 over the .82 afteral.


Why not use a GT35r 1.06 on low boost to keep it arround 400 ? (I am learning & this is all quite new for me, just a question out of curiosity)

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With what I'm assuming the 02A gearbox, torque will be your enemy. If you can get that turbo for cheap then I would get it and try it out, if you don't like the lag then just buy either a .82 or .63 housing and put that on it. No difference other than lag between a .82 and 1.06 other than the 1.06 allowing more exhaust gas flow which allows for more power.


The people who prefer 1.06 are definitely making over 400bhp, but with the longer lag that comes with it should be more gentle on your gearbox. 


The GT35r and 1.06 on low boost will definitely work, but turbos have an efficiency range of boost pressure. They aren't that efficient at say 4psi or 45psi, they have a sweet spot of boost pressure where they are really happy. But something around 8-10psi will give you the power you want and should be a fun car to drive. Don't rely on me for all your information, I actually have no experience of a turbo vr6, i'm still building mine but I have done turbo conversions on other engines.

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Agreed on the 0.82 for a more user friendly torque curve.  1.06 has a better top end though and there's approx. 500rpm spool up difference between the two, so 3500 vs 4000rpm to see full boost.   4000rpm is a little late for my tastes, but with the 1.06 it'll pull to the redline harder, but you've only got a 3000rpm window.


I also tried a GT3071R and a GT3076R, both 0.82.   Both are gearbox killers (5th especially as it's the smallest gear) and both run out of puff far sooner than the GT3582R does.


Figure out what kind of torque band you want and choose from there.  Don't just buy on a whim because it's cheap, as it's a false economy if you don't like it and have to change it.   However, as you've got a MK2, you might get away with a bit of lag due to the low vehicle weight.  Horses for courses really!

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